Municipal Elections 2017 – The Three Principles

Dear English-speaking reader, I am standing for election to the Turku city council on April 9th as a candidate of Christian Democrats. Hence, I will elaborate on the three decision-making principles of mine in this post. After reading, you should be aware of the values and causes I promote as well as my stand on different plans and projects of Turku. So, let’s begin!

My Turku is…


  • Genuinely caring for the needs and well-being of every citizen
    • Offering our children and youth the desirable and high-class early childhood education as well as study environment. For example, the class sizes should be reduced to enable every student to receive the necessary support and assistance from the school personnel.
    • Providing caring and respectful assistance, care, and support for the disabled and elderly.
    • Taking care of the refugees coming to our city. Offering them the adequate and sufficient opportunities to settle and participate in to our society. We should first and foremost offer help to the weakest and those who need it the most.
    • Overall caring for each other by following the principle of altruism.



  • Having the courage to go for big and aiming for best possible decisions in every situation. The boldness to take on wide scale and ambitious plans and projects. Just like we want to support the entrepreneurs who already at the very beginning learn to live with the potential risks within their businesses, the city of Turku should also dare to make ambitious and bold decisions with meticulously calculated risks.
    • Bringing back the tramway to Turku
    • Demanding more technology –based education to Turku (Master of Science in Technology)
    • Boldly and seriously contesting for the European Medicines Agency to be relocated to Turku.
    • Developing the airport courageously and open-mindedly by bringing in new airlines and destinations.
    • Daring to build skyscrapers and tall buildings with wisdom and discretion. For instance, the Itäharju-Kupittaa region is a perfect fit for tall buildings; let’s not lose this opportunity!
    • Generating creative and innovative plans and projects. For example, could it be possible to build an amusement park to Turku, while utilizing the rich history of our city as the theme of the park?



  • Aiming for a carbon-free and more environmentally friendly Turku not by following others’ example but by setting our own; being the forerunner.
  • Looking for bold and innovative new plans and projects; thinking outside the box.
  • A good example of being a visionary is the Skanssi shopping mall and the LEED-certificate they have received for their ecological actions!

Cast your vote for me if…

  • You want our city to be compassionate, ambitious, and visionary.
  • You want an open-mindedly and creatively thinking councilmember.
  • You look for a candidate committing only to the issues of Turku and its citizens. I do not have nor desire to have any other political obligations: taking care of Turku and its matters is all I desire.
  • You want a councilmember with broad work experience both in Finland and abroad.

As you have noticed, I have enthusiasm, ideas, and plans for our lovely city. However, I cannot do anything alone. I need and want you to join me on my path. This city is a great place to live and be. It is warm, safe, and precious: it is our home. I want to ensure that it stays that way for everyone in the future as well.

If you want the same thing, vote for me. Vote for 662.

P.S. Even if you do not vote for me, remember to vote anyway! It is your right, so use it!

P.P.S. Read the election principles of Christian Democrats in Finland HERE.

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