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Hello everyone!

I am a 28-year-old student of international business, politician, and a husband from Turku.

Among my interest, I follow keenly the news about Turku and its affairs. Therefore, I decided to go into politics and, hence, I am now standing for election to the Turku’s city council as a candidate of Christian Democrats.

I feel a calling for humanitarian and/or voluntary work. Other people’s happiness and joy make me happy and joyful. That was another reason for me to join politics. The possibility of affecting decisions and allowing people of being heard is important to me.

Whenever I am not working or studying, I love spending my time by reading a book or watching documentaries or TV-series. Furthermore, as a man of faith I am intrinsically interested in Christianity but also other religions call me for studying and learning more about them.

Another recreational hobby of mine has always been ice hockey. I am massive supporter of TPS. Therefore, I can often be found sitting on the rafters of Gatorade Center during game nights.

Within in this blog, I will uncover issues related to Turku, being the citizen of this great city, politics, and life in general as well. My main language will be Finnish but I aim to publish at least some of the context in English as well.

In case you have questions or want to reach out to me, you can do it via email or Facebook:


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